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Along with these five steps to integrating DRIVE in your day-to-day, organisations need to purposefully cultivate their Consciousness, Community Connection, Gratitude, Energy, Unique Talents, and Intuitions.

To achieve peak performance, leaders at the highest levels must be the most intentional at developing their Mind, Heart, Body, Soul and Enjoyment of Life.

This is what it means to DRIVE.

D  e f i n e
R  e c o g n i z e
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V  a l i d a t e
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Josée Godbout

Executive coach, trainer, speaker and personal transition coach, Josée Godbout is the founder and director of DRIVE Leadership and Coaching.

CPCC Certified, ICF Member and FICQ Member

Some of My Clients

"Josée makes me learn a lot about myself, and it brings me a lot personally and professionally."

Martin Rodrigue
Quebec Iron Ore

"I have the impression that Josée takes me on a hot air balloon. She allows me to have a better global vision; a better knowledge of where the company is going. I love to target objectives in order to get the maximum cost-benefit out of it."

Serge Grenier

"I strongly believe in the teamwork and the efforts that DRIVE has made to support us, but especially in the answers you have managed to put on the table in order to guide us to better adapt to our situation."

Mme Ahlam Hassan
School Management | Ottawa Kids Center


I coach leaders and managers to help them find more clarity and freedom to be themselves, both personally and professionally. I support them so that their actions are more consistently aligned with their values, so they feel more whole with who they are. I do executive coaching with individuals and with teams. My job is to help and accompany leaders who have influence in their environment.

Yes! When leaders and teams work with me, they usually need to take stock of where they are on their journey. From the first meeting, the issues are already clearer. For leaders and entrepreneurs in the business world, sometimes we use tools like the iQE or the 360. These tools allow individuals and teams to have a better perception of who they are and how they are perceived. It allows you to take a step back to initiate change.

Testimonials range from “Wow! “It changed my life!" to” My spouse says thank you! It also helped us as a couple!” 

I specialize in individual coaching, systems coaching, and relational coaching. I am trained and certified by the CTI (Coach Training Institute, two year program) the CRR/ORSC (Center for Right Relationships/Organizational & Relationships Systems Coaching). I have also studied conscious communication, conflict prevention, and conflict resolution. 

I started my entrepreneurial experience after my fashion and business management course at Cégep. A first contract with Bell - Téléboutique. I created my own brand and line of clothing, with a designers cooperative from the Estrie region with three other companies. It was a great adventure as an entrepreneur. I ended up with a selected private client book of more than 120 clients, to whom I always told in the first meeting that we were not going to talk about clothes, because to dress them I needed to know who they were. I sometimes say that I started by helping people from the outside in, and now I help them from the inside out, so that our work reflects the long-term!

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